About Us

                    Olivia Chemical -Glue the World Together

                    Respected ladies and gentlemen,

                    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our distributor for their support over the years,

                    as well as my dedicated and energetic staff who are always there to support my efforts in

                    achieving the goals of Olivia.

                    In today"s unprecedented economic crisis, which has dramatically changed and changes daily we must

                    be prepared to take immediate action and be ready to respond quickly to our changing society.

                    Faced with the new challenges in the future, we shall,as always,be constantly innovative and

                    creative and remain exploiting to meet further resplendent future.

                    Olivia has established a dedicated inside Technical Sales team that is ready to work with

                    customers to provide technical support and consult on product and application requirements. For

                    those customers who have special requirements, our Engineering Team is available to help assess

                    needs and design customized applications.  We have also expanded our Domestic Direct Sales

                    Engineering team to provide regional support, where and when it is needed. Our enhanced Customer

                    Service operation continues to provide timely, efficient, and always courteous, order processing.

                    As part of this process, we are introducing new products to address niche markets and re-

                    engineering current products, positioning ourselves to meet emerging needs around the world.

                     We invite you to enjoy the comfort and advantages of being with Olivia. Let us seize the beauties

                    of the day without being worried of tomorrow. Let us all be with Olivia.

                    Finally, please accept my most amiable greetings and best wishes.

                                                                                               Xiong Men Ya
                                                                Chairman of Guangdong Olivia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd